Welcome to Glyph.Cloud

We offer products and services, in the domain of web development, ecommerce, quality assurance, natural language processing, translation.

Some products are based on our Breeze::OS©® Linux/BSD distributions; others are designed, towards the goal of providing web/internet services.

We design, develop and test desktop applications for the Linux, BSD, and Microsoft platform, based on your requirements. Our software toolkits and frameworks are used in developing these applications. The deliverables are design documents, testsuites, and the developed software itself, which can be either in C/C++, Java, or Ada, etc..

We aim to provide Natural Language Processing based engines, to scan, understand, catalog, and translate unstructured text. Fully automated translations of general, legal, technical, medical, pharmaceutical, scientific and engineering texts is part of our ultimate goal. We also aim to provide the design, development, and testing of applications and products.

Our statistics based algorithm and process, centering on word type disambiguation, forgo inter-linguas, which are usual in translation systems, and cannot be circumvented using either Bayes theorems, formal grammar methodologies, neural nets, or weighted graphs and multigraphs for establishing the rules set and recognizing sentences.

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