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Contract Terms

A service account requires a minimum deposit of US$1,000.00, which gives you the right to submit job requests.

For translation, the client is asked to provide a writing sample. The writing sample is used to evaluate the complexity of your text. It is also used to customize our system to your writing style. If your text deals with specialized knowledge, i.e. medical, pharmaceutical, banking, technical, etc., a glossary of your preferred terms may also be required.

Charges incurred, for work done, are deducted from your balance. Our clients are required to keep their accounts current. A deposit, of 5 to 10 percent of the full amount of any contract, has to be paid after signing, and the balance after completion and delivery. Contracts which are longer than a month, are paid by 30-day installments.

Non-disclosure agreements will be signed by our company. Documents provided by our clients for canceled work are destroyed. Documents are destroyed upon completion of our contract, when desired.

The delivery date of any completed work is always the first Monday or Friday after the specified number of weeks or months.

N.B Clients who have not requested any work to be done for 30 days, from the time of their service subscription being activated; can demand a refund, minus 15% of their deposit for processing fees. Said fees increase to a fixed rate of 15%, plus a pro-rated amount after 30 days.

N.B Our company reserves itself the right to refuse any work that it deems inappropriate with their mission statement or which does not fall within their area of expertise.

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