Products and services designed
the open source community

Software Products

Software products such as website building tools and a Breeze:OS Live distro release.


Text Processing

Products and services related to the retrieval, transformation or conversion of text data.


Software Services

Software development services targeting the Microsoft, Linux, and the BSD plaforms.


Software Projects & Products

Some products are based on our Breeze::OS©® Linux/BSD distributions; the others are oriented towards providing web/internet services.

Text Processing Products & Services

Tsert.Com provides an automated translation service, based on the Tsert Natural Language Procesing & Translation algorithms, which are more accurate than the top of the line systems, such as SysTran, that can reduce your in-house translator's workload. Our software can also be used for text/terms search and extraction, regardless of the domain.

Software Development Services

We design, develop and test desktop applications for the Linux, BSD, or Microsoft platform, based on your requirements. Our software toolkits and frameworks are used in developing these applications. The delivery products are design documents, testsuites, and the software which can be either in C/C++, Java, or Ada, etc..


We aim to provide Natural Language Processing based engines, to scan, understand, catalog, and translate unstructured text. Fully automated translations of general, legal, technical, medical, pharmaceutical, scientific and engineering texts is part of our ultimate goal. We also aim to provide the design, development, and testing of applications and products.

Our statistics based algorithm and process, centering on word type disambiguation, forgo inter-linguas, which are usual in translation systems, and cannot be circumvented using either Bayes theorems, formal grammar methodologies, neural nets, or weighted graphs and multigraphs for establishing the rules set and recognizing sentences.

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